Our Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Although my husband disliked the doctor he is actually very acheived in his field. He is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist and specialized in children with developmental disorders. Our daughter has a Hypoplastic Cerebellum-detected while I was pregnant; this causes problems with balance and coordination. While researching about Esotropia- I found information that said that many children with gross motor developmental defects end up having some form of Strabismus and even more likely to have Esotropia.

Dr. Stephen Glaser has a website with a lot of good information on it www.kidseyecare.com He also participates in and support studies with the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG – a division of National Institute of Health) that further advance the ability to diagnose and treat children with childhood eye disorders.

He also created “Glaser vision” which is a preschool sight screening system. That information is at www.kidseyetest.com

Although I am still processing all of the steps that we may have to take to help my daughters vision, I feel very confident in the doctor that we have in our area.

My husband on the other hand just didn’t like that he made our baby girl cry.

4 responses to “Our Pediatric Ophthalmologist

  1. I found your site through a Google Alert for “Strabismus” and I’m glad I did. I am the Executive Director for the Children’s Eye Foundation and I wanted to offer our site as a resource to this group. Our spokesperson is Quarterback Matt Leinart, who had Amblyopia as a child, and we recently put six videos up on YouTube. I invite you to view one of them (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvGQodrgcT8). Hopefully you find something that is useful. Feel free to provide feedback to me.


  2. Dr. Glaser is also my son’s doctor! He is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. He has been treating my son for just over a year now, and I wouldn’t dream of taking him anywhere else.


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