cross-generational eye surgery

the eye surgery gals

the eye surgery gals

Right around the time that we learned that Zoe would need strabismus surgery, my grandma learned that she had put off cataract surgery for as long as was possible, and, as the ophthalmologist put it, her choice was to schedule the surgery now, or by her next eye exam, it would be too late.  The two surgeries are not at all similar, and recovery from surgery at 88 is far different from the recovery when you’re not yet 2.  But still, I like to think there’s a common bond between my two eye surgery gals.  And it was after learning that Zoe would have her own eye surgery that grandma finally agreed to schedule her own.  A totally unexpected, unintended, but wonderful consequence.  Grandma’s first cataract surgery is tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

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