more kids in glasses on tv

So a friend sent me a screen capture from One Life to Live, the Dec. 1, 2008 episode, where one of the toddlers has glasses.  It’s a grainy picture, but you can make them out.  (Many thanks to Wendy for seeing this, thinking of us, and sharing a screencap).

One Life to Live, Dec. 1

One Life to Live, Dec. 1

The character (for anyone who’s wondering) is Sam “Tommy” Manning, played by twins Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter.  As I don’t watch the show, I have no idea if the glasses are ever mentioned, my friend didn’t remember anything and thinks they’re new.  From the cast picture (linked above), it kind of looks like at least one of the twins might have strabismus or amblyopia, though it’s hard to tell, and I hate when people try to diagnose from afar, so I’ll stop.

Is this the first instance of a non-kid’s show having a young child in glasses?  I’m trying to think back to any shows with kids in glasses, and I certainly can’t think of any that young.  Well, honestly, I can’t think of any at all, but I’ve only had a couple sips of coffee so far this morning.

6 responses to “more kids in glasses on tv

  1. The boy’s have been having some eye problem’s and have started wearing glasses since september (or a bit earlier) in previous shows (since this was the first episode they have actually worn the glasses) you can see both boy’s suffer from the same I problem’s.


  2. The tv show, on TLC, John and Kate Plus 8 has a little boy that wears glasses. Aaden is his name and he is my favorite one out of the bunch. He was my favorite before Reid wore glasses. I think I have only heard them mention them once or twice. They don’t make a big deal about them.


  3. In keeping with the season…was reminded last night of another kid in glasses.

    Ralphie!! (Christmas Story was on)

    You know the kid yearning for “an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle (BB Gun) with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.”


  4. The American Girl Doll Molly also has glasses. (But the dolls are geared for ages 8+) They have books and videos with her and the other characters. You can even buy doll glasses and cases from their official website. Someone gave my daughter some stickers with Molly on them and they were a hit!


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