Winter Fun and Glasses

We live in Wisconsin and for about a week now we have enjoyed (yeah right) bitter cold weather and snow.  This morning we had a freash coat of snow on the ground and the temp is in the mid twenties.   That means it’s warm enough to bundle up and head outside to play.  Let me tell you, glasses and snow do not mix!!! 

The falling snow flakes would land on Teagan’s glasses and melt, messing with her vision and frustrating her.   I found that keeping a hand towel stuffed in my pocket helped for the frequent times she came to me requesting I “clean them, please”.  Then there was the dredded phrase “Oops, I dropped them” followed by my “calmly” asking her not to move while I looked for a glasses shaped dent in the snow.  Thank goodness, we found them.  Then finally there is the fog that covers the lenses after coming inside due to the temp change.   I really have to keep an eye on Teagan then because she has been known to toss them on the floor deciding they are useless anyway.

Oh and while I was searching for the glasses lost in the snow my one year old, Taylor, managed to pull her boots off and was sitting in the snow in her socks (yikes!).  That was it.   Snow time over!!!  Time to watch a movie and for mom to have a cup of coffee!!!!!!  Is it summer yet?

3 responses to “Winter Fun and Glasses

  1. The fogged glasses when you come inside is the worst. We haven’t done much outside play since the snows arrived here, but tomorrow we’re going sledding. I’m glad you posted this, since now I’ll make sure to bring a towel along, too, though I’m wondering if it might be better to just take them off during the sledding adventure.


  2. I tried to leave Teagan’s glasses inside and she would not have it. I agree is it a better solution to just leave them inside for time spent in the snow.

    Have fun sledding! We were going to do that over the weekend too but it fell through. Instead we went down the smallest hill ever in our front yard. The kids still thought it was the coolest thing ever.


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