Make it!

I have found if my toddler helps me make it, she is more likely to take more ownership over it and as a result take more care in it.  We have made doll beds, doll clothes, skirts and jumpers for her, a bed quilt, wall art, and even a rug for her bedroom.  Here are some links to great tutorials with detailed instructions on how to construct your own eyeglass case or patch.  We made an eyeglass case to keep in the car as the glasses just don’t seem to stay on in the car seat.  You could accessorize your glasses for every season! 


Felt Eye Patch – Super Cute and re-usable! Permission was given by Amy to use her image.




Soft Fabric Eyeglass Case – I like the hard outsides, but Elly tries to smoosh the glasses in, so these are great for us.


Foam Eyeglass Case – SUPER EASY!!!!


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