Question: looking over the top of the frames

This question is from a comment by Anna, looking for thoughts or suggestions.  Remember, today is the last day for comment for sight – leave a comment today and not only will you help out a fellow parent, but I’ll donate $1 to Unite for Sight for every comment left -Ann Z.

Does anyone else have the problem of their child looking over the top of their glasses? My daughter was 2 when she got her glasses and has looked over the top of them since day one.  Shes wonderful about wearing them, but I worry that somethings not right.

Any suggestions are appreciated.  She has done great with them, but like others doesn’t need them to see far away so she will sometimes pull them down to see off.  Do they ever put small ones in progressive lenses?  I also think that the bridge of her nose is so small that the nose pieces stand out to far.  I am looking into getting her plastic frames without nose pieces.

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  1. My daughter moved to bifocals in a wire frame (from single lens in a plastic frame) back around September. I noticed that she looked over her new glasses and at her PO appt to review the bifocals, the PO said the frames may be a little too big. (But, this was the smallest wire frame with a nose bridge that was available.) So, I used an elastic tie to adjust her glasses closer / higher on her face. That works most of the time, but invariably, her glasses do slip down a little on her nose.

    My daughter still will try to look over her glasses when she is looking at distance or it seems when she is looking at people she doesn’t know (not sure why). So, I just have to remind her to look through her glasses.

    When she had her plastic frames, she didn’t seem to look over her glasses because the frames fit closer to her face. But, her bifocal prescription is too high / thick for plastic frames so we had to make the switch to wire frames.

    Not sure if I’m helping here, but plastic frames may be the way to go if you want glasses that sit closer to the face. Or, perhaps you can tie her glasses a little closer to her face. What does your PO say about your daughter looking over the glasses?


  2. I would think a possibility would be her glasses sitting too far from her eyes (or sliding down her nose). Have you tried a “nerd strap”? I have my son in one to keep them on his face….sometimes it gets so tight his eye lashes hit the lenses though. 🙂 I bet she looks cute when she does it, but I can certainly appreciate your concern!


  3. She is very funny with them, the pastor at church has even commented about her “peeping.” It was cute at first but now I worry if she will ever adjust to looking through them and not over them. He dr. just said that she would adjust, but it has been 6 months and no change. She does use them, I do notice that her eyes do not cross when she is wearing them. At night when they come off they wander around some. They are so expensive to be trying new ones, but I don’t want it to have a lasting affect on the sight either!


  4. Do you think that if they were held closer to her face – like with a strap in back that that would help? It’s certain to be cheaper than new frames.


  5. Gentle reminders always help.

    I created a “Magic Bean Jar” that has those glass beads in it and when I catch her pushing her glasses up or when she puts her patch on her eye/glasses without a fight in the mornings, she gets a bean, when she takes off her glasses (for a break, for bed) and places them safely upon a shelf, she gets a bean.

    She likes them because they are shiny and pretty and she knows that they can be traded for prizes (5 for a lollipop or 30 mins tv, 10 for a movie, 7 for two extra bedtime stories).

    When She forgets, fights wearing her patch or her glasses, leaves her glasses on the floor, etc beans are removed.

    (i also use this for regular behavior motivation at home too – good choices or actions = more beans, bad choices or actions =less beans)

    We have been doing this for a few days, and she seems to be responding really well to the program.

    Hopefully it will continue! She has a tiny bridge on her nose and her glasses are a little loose on her face, but I can’t get her to wear a nerd band to keep them up.


  6. My son Liam (age 5) is @ the specialist now. I brought up this EXACT issue, I’m not sure if he is listening or understanding because even though this is what I say…

    Liam is not looking threw any part of the glasses, he is looking OVER them all together in “most” instances.

    He isn’t looking over the glasses, the top of the glasses are actually “magnified” thus in certain instances he looks threw the “top” of the glasses.

    This apparently means I don’t know my kid @ all according to the “specialist” and their action for the problem is to switch him to “bi-focals”.

    Take what you want from this, All I can do from here is “try” the new glasses and go from there.


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