one frame, two frame, red frame, blue frame


old frames, without tape

The new frames arrived today!  Given that Zoe’s old frames were holding on by a bit of electric tape and a prayer, it was welcome news. I decided to take Iris’s suggestion, and the old glasses are now in Zoe’s memory box.  I think it’ll be fun to look back years from now, at just how tiny those glasses are.

I had naievely assumed that since Zoe had been so good with her glasses, that the switch to the new frames would be an easy one.  I forgot a few important points:

  1. the old frames were wire, the new frames are plastic – they fit her face differently.
  2. her prescription has changed (it’s weaker).
  3. but most importantly: she’s two – not an age known for making things easy.

img_0207 img_0254She wore the red pair home from the glasses store and then took them off and refused to wear either pair.  I was afraid we’d be in for another week or so of getting her back to wearing glasses.  We let her eat lunch without glasses, having learned that fighting with a hungry toddler is an exercise in futility.  After lunch, we let her examine the new glasses and clean them.  Then the grandparents arrived, they were very upbeat and asked Zoe to show them her new glasses.  She’s been wearing them happily ever since.  Yay grandparents!  She’s switched between the two a couple of times each day, yesterday and today.  She’ll have to choose just one for tomorrow.

6 responses to “one frame, two frame, red frame, blue frame

  1. I just love both those frames! Two is always a good thing, as well. Today, when I took Franklin in, I had one pair in a plastic baggy and the other just barely staying on his face (yay, nerd strap). Both frames were repaired (ask me about the black plastic “sleeve” they put on one pair to fix them, so stylish), and I bought a new pair with his new prescription. He has to have his eyes re-checked in 2 months, so I’ll probably buy a Costco pair then when we know the prescription is stabilized. Actually, I should take a picture of the black thing for the blog, it’s weird….


  2. Awww I loove the new glasses- the blue frames are my fav : )
    Braden also got his new frames, I’ll try to post a pic soon-
    I am still trying to get used to his “new look”!


  3. How nice to have 2! And I love the color and style choices. The optometrist said that there are a whole bunch of new frames for toddlers coming out this year. (Jan. I think?) I can’t wait =)


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