not sure whether to laugh or cry

When I picked up Zoe from daycare this afternoon, the first thing I noticed was the white tape on the side of her glasses.  “Glasses break, mama!”  Yeah.  Apparently during their free play time, one of the other toddlers took her glasses and the earpiece broke off.  They taped it back on because it’s not something that can be repaired.  She has an adorably nerdy air about her now with the tape on the frames.

On the one hand, we’re expecting the new frames to show up in a matter of days, so the timing is about as ideal as you can get for something like broken glasses.  On the other hand, I’m still annoyed that it happened,  I mean yeah, she’s two, and she’s in daycare in a room full of toddlers, what did I expect would happen?  The surprise should be that it took so long for them to break.  But I was kind of getting excited about donating them.  And I worry that this will happen again, but I don’t want people at daycare coddling her or treating her differently because of her glasses.  I’m not sure why I’m so bothered by this.  It’s not unexpected or surprising or even that big of a deal in the end, but it feels a little personal (which is completely silly, I know).  I do feel vindicated in our decision to buy two pairs of frames this time around.

Zoe didn’t want to wear her glasses this evening after I took them off and tried to adjust them in some way to get them to sit on her face a little better.  She gets so tired when she doesn”t wear her glasses.  She kept rubbing her eyes and holding her head when we read bedtime stories, but she didn’t want to put the glasses back on.  It made bedtime easier because she was so tired, but broke my heart a little bit to see her struggle without the glasses.

4 responses to “not sure whether to laugh or cry

  1. I would feel exactly the same way you did. I am always so paranoid about other kids pulling off C’s glasses. It’s hard not to be so protective.

    The good thing is that as the kids get older, the glasses pulling should go away.


  2. I feel your pain, but there’s nothing you can really do except perhaps be thnkful that it wasnt due to a fall, etc. Toddlers…can’t hold it agant them.

    Our Nicholas attends daycare too. There was a time when his glasses (and patch) were the center of attention. We just had to ride it out…eventually the novelty wore off on the kids. Eventually..and several pretzled pairs later… : ) sigh.


  3. I loved the idea of donating the glasses, too, but this may work out well in a different way. Just think, now you can guiltlessly keep Zoe’s very first pair of glasses. No need to keep all of them, of course, but some day you’ll look back and be amazed at just how small they are.


  4. Reid is currently on his third pair of glasses (in 8 months). About two or three weeks after we picked up his new glasses I got a phone call from his daycare letting me know that his glasses were broken. One of the little girls there took them off and mangled them. When I got there later that afternoon to pick him up and saw the damage all I could do was laugh. It was amazing how much damage a toddler could do. The ladies at daycare felt so bad and felt like it was their fault. I told them not to worry about it. I was actually surprised that we had made it that long without them being broken at day care. I am just so grateful to have a good, two year, warranty on the frames.


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