So far…

Things have been going pretty well with the patch. The first two days she did not want anything to do with it, and even hit me. Then the third day she didn’t try at all to take it off, I was very surprised. I thought it was going to be a continuous battle. As long as she is kept busy she doesn’t mind at all. I set her on my lap and we read or stack things and she remains focused. The other day after I took the patch off, she held her hand infront of her eye, I think she wanted to cover it so that her left eye would straighten out. Her eye is straight when the patch is on, though I haven’t seen much improvement once it is removed. We only leave it on for an hour a day. I hope that is long enough. I wonder what dictates the different lengths of time.
As for suggestions on keeping the patch on:
Once I put it on and put her glasses on I clap and say “yaaaay” ..she smiles and claps then. I also just try to play with something that will hold her attention.. like light up toys with buttons, books, and stacking (or knocking over) things. If she gets bored, that seems to be when the glasses come off and she starts pulling at the patch.

One response to “So far…

  1. I’m so glad she’s taken to the patching well, even if it’s taken a few days. Did your eye doctor have any thoughts on how long you’ll need to patch for?


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