Why couldn’t it have lasted a few more months?

I’ve never seen glasses do this before, but one of the coatings is peeling off of Sam’s glasses.  It is really bad right in the middle of the left lense, so we are going to replace that one.  He has an appointment coming up with his eye dr in just 2 1/2 months, and odds are his prescription is going to change so we decided not to replace both lenses even though they both need replacing.  The left one is really bad, though.

Anyone else ever had a lense to do this? Here’s a picture, although I don’t know how much you can see.


4 responses to “Why couldn’t it have lasted a few more months?

  1. is it perhaps an antiglare, or something similar? maybe just peel it off.
    better still, march it back to the lab…get it replaced/fixed…


  2. I’ve never seen that – do you know if the lens got extra hot or cold or anything? Crazy. Did the glasses place have any explanation for that?

    I know what you man about not wanting to take it in if he’s just going to get a new prescription anyway. Zoe’s lenses were really scratched by the time we took her in for her appointment last month. It just didn’t seem right to have the eye glasses place replace the lenses just to order new ones a month later.


  3. Hi Ann –

    Dr Bearden here…the problem is the anti-reflective (or also called anti-glare) coating is peeling off. You can take the glasses back to where you got them and ask them to strip off the coating (I would have them take it off BOTH lenses or else its going to look goofy). They can strip the coating but they can’t put another new coat back on….they would have to replace the lenses completely for that…which will cost $$.

    Just get the coating stripped off until you take her back in to see the Doctor…and when you get another prescription – then get new lenses with new anti-reflective coating.

    A good tip is to get those little cleaning cloths and cleaning sprays – they help keep the coatings intact. Lots of times when you clean glasses with your shirt or a paper towel or a napkin, etc. – it really kills the coatings on the lenses – they are very delicate and they peel easily!

    I hope this helps!


  4. We haven’t had any lense problems, but I am noticing that the coating on her wire frames are pealing off and wondering how long it will take to completely come off. It doesn’t affect vision thankfully, but can’t be that attractive when the pealing worsens. Also, I am reading Dr. Bearden’s comments above about cleaning cloths and sprays. We really just use a clean cotton rag and water… the cleaning sprays worry me around a toddlers eyes as we clean the glasses at least 3 times a day. It seems to work ok… but I don’t know how good it is for the lenses


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