Pay attention to light

Learn from my mistake – pay more attention to light.  The other night Elliana came running out of our bathroom and into our lowly lit bedroom.  She smacked right into the corner of our bed and bruised her arm.  I felt SOOOOO bad.  The bed has always been there and is big and wood colored.  Looking back, the change from a bright bathroom light to a low light must have caused her to not see anything momentarily.  


When we met with the vision home-therapist, she recommended keeping lights at night in all the rooms at the same brightness so that Elly’s eyes would not have to keep adjusting and as a result be safer and not cause as much strain on her eyes.  I really need to do a better job at this.  Growing up, I was taught if you leave a room, shut the light off.  My brain is on automatic.  I noticed there are some rooms in my house that tend to be darker too.  My goal this week is to not shut the lights off in the areas she plays most often.

5 responses to “Pay attention to light

  1. I had not thought about this at all, but it’s really good information to keep in mind. I know Zoe seems very sensitive to the light first thing in the morning, though I don’t know if her sensitivity worse than what it might be.


  2. We receive EI (early intervention) services for our daughter. We have an OT, case worker and eye specialist that comes to our home and watches our daughters development. They observe her to ensure she does not have any delays. I am not sure if this is what amomofelly is referring to in her post, however this is the service my daughter receives. Depending on your child’s eye condition, he/she may qualify for services. Our daughter has a few different eye problems, cataract, glaucoma, nystagmus, amblyopia, strabismus; so she qualifies for services because she is currently legally blind in her right eye. However, with patching and glasses, we hope she will gain the best visual outcome as possible. You should contact your state department for the Blind and Visually Impaired and see what services your state offers.

    Take care,


  3. Elly actually doesn’t qualify for weekly visits because she has one eye with good vision, yet we must put drops in that good eye so she lives with limited vision in both eyes. The eye specialist did a home visit and said she is available by phone and is willing to come out and meet with any teachers in the future to explain classroom accomidations. The PO is great for giving you information about your child’s vision condition, the home-visitation / therapy program teaches you how to best educate and provide a safe environment. I was connected with the program through our states early learning coalition. I think if you call the school district, they can connect you with these services.


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