10 Reasons I love my Ophthalmologist and Staff

We just had another appointment this week and I wanted to share with you why I feel so LUCKY to have found our Pediatric Ophthalmologist Office. Here are 10 reasons why I love them!

1. They SMILE
2. They listen to me and make me feel like my concerns are important
3. They are kid friendly and use many props to make the visit fun; puppets, Dora posters on the wall, sparkly princess stickers, and they even have their ceiling painted fun for kids.
4. They try to explain things to me in parent terms without making me feel inferior.
5. They give positive encouragement, “You are doing a good job with the drops.”
6. They make the exam seem like play time, “Are you ready to play another game?” as they put a sticker on their noses and Elly giggles.
7. They are well educated, well informed, and come highly recommended by other parents.
8. I feel that they are genuinely concerned about my child’s vision progress.
9. The office is clean.
10. The last part of the visit is spent giving Elly praise, stickers, and kind words, “We’ll see you again soon to play!” Because of this extra effort, Elly is always excited to go again.

2 responses to “10 Reasons I love my Ophthalmologist and Staff

  1. wow, lucky you. Those things you listed are EXACTLY what you need. In my opinion is is hard enough to be dealign with these issues – I for one was a mess when Paris was diagnosed and I had to leave the optomotrist we were seeing becasue the ladies on the front counter ( well one in particular) made me feel so silly for asking questions that were very important to me! Sometimes you just have to go to as many doctors or specialists as it takes to find the right one. When it comes to kids though, they do need to be sympathetic and realise how daunting and upsetting it is for parents. They need to put themselves in their shoes.


  2. YES!!! You are very lucky to have a wonderful PO!!!! I wish I could say the same about ours. I was feeling very discouraged about ours and really wanted to switch a few days ago, but I found out that even though we live in the metro Atlanta area, there are very few PO groups around. Every time we go to our PO, we spend at least two hours there because we have at least a one hour wait just to be seen. Now, any two year old is tired of waiting after that long and cooperation is hard to expect at that point (and my other three kids are tired of it, too). We are just now getting her to cooperate from so many visits when all she would do is cry and fight the PO. She is not very encouraging and especially not very understanding when a child does not cooperate. Rather than trying something that works for the child, she will simply get her assitant to hold the child and force her eyes open when they are crying. From a parent’s perspective, it’s hard to understand that this is necessary and only will get a child to remember the negative of an appointment at the eye doctor. Unfortunately, there is only one other big group besides the one we are seeing, and it is at Emory. I went there when I got a second opinion before going through with strabismus surgery with Ellie. I was very disappointed with that office as well. Maybe we will be able to find another PO one of these days, but for now, we are stuck with this one. My youngest daughter (6 months old) will likely get glasses next time we go. She also has strabismus and a strong astigmatism in the right eye which will need to be corrected to prevent her eye from getting amblyopia as well.


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