short stories

To add to the list of reasons to like glasses: When it’s cold and all the toddlers are bundled up in winter coats, hats with earflaps and scarves so you can’t seem much of them at all, it’s much easier to pick your child out of a group of other tots if she’s the only one wearing bright red glasses.

~ ~ ~

This evening, I was singing “Hush little baby” to Zoe before she went to bed.  We got to the verse about “if that looking glass gets broke, papa’s going to buy you a billie goat.”  She pulled away from me with a concerned look.  “Glasses broke?” she asks.  “No, no, it’s a looking glass, like a mirror,” I try to explain.  She’s still worried.  “Glasses breaking,” she says, “no break the glasses.”  “No, it’s just a story,” I tell her.  “No more books, mommy,” she tells me.

3 responses to “short stories

  1. Very cute story! Thanks for your comment on your blog. We’d love to have you include a photo of my son Ben in your photo gallery. Do I just email you a photo?


  2. I second the cute story comment. Kids just say the sweetest things.Tonight I was tucking Elly into bed and she said “Eye drops?”
    Me – “No honey, not tonight.”
    Elly – “Dr. Khuddus said it will make my eyes stronger”
    Me- “Yes, but we do drops in the morning. ”
    Elly – “What’s her name?”
    Me- “Dr. Khuddus”
    Elly – “NO Mommy…(taps her head and thinks) thmologist.”
    Me – “You mean opthamologist.”
    Elly – “Yeah, Dr. Khuddus is my Opthamologist.”


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