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Couple of quick updates.  First off, I’ve finally gotten around to getting the domain  So now the title and URL of the blog match, which should be a lot easier to remember and quicker to type.  Any old links or bookmarks should still work, though if you’re subscribed through an RSS reader, you may want to update the feed (  Secondly, I’ve started putting together an store for the site.  I’ve tried to include items that would be useful or fun for someone with a young kid in glasses.  Check it out, and let me know if there are other items you think would make sense to include.  Finally, I’m working on a large post specifically aimed at parents who have just found out their child needs glasses.  If there are topics or advice that you would give parents at the very beginning of the glasses game, leave me a comment!

3 responses to “blog-keeping updates

  1. ohhh, it makes me want to buy ALL the books. Our library only has about 4 of them. Thanks for doing this!

    My advice to include for new glasses parents is to bring another adult (your spouse, loved one, or friend) to the appointments with you. That way, they can take your child for a walk in the hallways while you have 1 on 1 time with the doctor.


  2. I’m so excited about the books! This is fabulous Ann! I’ve never found one book around here about glasses. Aubrie loves to read books so this is great!

    My advice is the following: Find a Dr. you love & trust and ask all the questions you want. Always get a warranty on your glasses! After many tantrums & general use you may go through many pairs! Stay positive. It’s a big adjustment for everyone, but kids read parents better than you think. Lastly, don’t beat yourself up that it’s been X many months and you never noticed a vision problem. Be proud that you caught it early and took action! It’s a big adjustment & I think we all have shared tears over that initial shock that your perfect babies has a vision problems.


  3. My advice: Don’t give up. Reid has been in glasses coming up on one year next month. He has been keeping his glasses on, most of the time, for about two months now. I thought that would never happen.


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