The new glasses are here!

We were so excited to get the new glasses (after almost 3 months of waiting)  In those 3 months, both of Elliana eyes started turning out more than before.  Our OP decided to increase her prescription  in her right eye.  She is a -7.75 in her right eye, but the first prescription  was for -5.5 with the hope that it would force her eyes to work harder and that we would maybe ward off an increase in the prescription as she ages.   The new prescription is now a -6.5.

We are not so excited about the fact that Elly refuses to wear her new glasses.  I think the new prescription is throwing her for a loop.  Thankfully we go in for another appointment soon.  Did anyone else have prescription changes?  If so, how did your kids react?

8 responses to “The new glasses are here!

  1. We had a small change last year. Both eyes were +5.50 and changed to +5.75. She didn’t seem to mind, but it wasn’t a big change. We go back in July…I’m praying they get better this year instead of worse 🙂 We did order prescription sunglasses though from Zenni Optical so I’ll keep everyone posted on how they work out for her. Only $25 and super cute…purple & turquoise…she’ll be thrilled!


  2. Zoe’s had a couple of prescriptions changes, and one change of frames. The prescription changes didn’t seem to throw her at all, which really surprised me, because the change was pretty drastic (+4.5 to +5.75). I know that when I’ve had even small prescription changes, it’s taken a few days to get used to them.

    However, she did not do so well with the new frames. She refused to wear them for the afternoon until her grandparents came over and made a big deal about them.

    Good luck, hopefully, it’s just a short-lived refusal!


  3. We’ve gone through quite a few prescription changes over the years and it always seems to take a day or two to get used to the new one. Sarah started wearing her glasses when she was seven months old and at the time, they under-corrected her. She would often take them off at that time. Since they switched her prescription to be full-strength (+6.5), she NEVER takes them off – she wears them in the bath, to swim & to bed!


  4. Amomofelly, you have to post a picture of Elly’s new glasses, so we can tell her how beautiful she is in them, maybe it will help her transition more easily!!!


  5. We had the new glasses on for all of 3 minutes today before she threw them off and said “These are not the glasses I like.” My parents are coming to visit next week, so I am hoping they will make a big deal about them and she will wear them. We are due for a visit soon so I have a list of questions ready about the new perscription. (I need to call because I forgot to write the appointment on my calendar) She is also having nothing to do with the extra patching and I think I need to buy stock in Jelly Beans, because that is all she is motivated for to let us put the Atropine drops in.


  6. I am sorry about the glasses and the patching, too! Ugh… that is to be hard! If there is anything I can do let me know! Maybe I can Ellie to draw her a picture with the patch. By the way, we talk about all these things we do to get our children to wear their glasses, such as finding glasses to put on their dolls. The other day, Ellie asked me to put a patch on her doll. A simple bandaid did the trick! You can even use an empty atropine bottle to pretend giving her “baby” drops in her eyes! Maybe it will work with! I will pray for her and you, too!


  7. Amomofelly, I wanted to share an idea I had this evening. My oldest daughter just got head gear to correct an underbite and it’s tough for a four-year-old to comprehend why she has to wear such a contraption all night long when she loves to sleep on her tummy, and now she can’t. So, I made her a jelly bean jar poster. It is full of 100 outlined jelly beans. For each night she wears it, she gets to fill it one jelly bean in with the color of her choice. When she fills in seven, she gets a reward. I thought that this would work for a patch reward too. You could just simply draw a jelly bean jar, and let Elly put the patches into the jar at the end of the wearing session. Once the jar is full, Elly can get a reward. If you laminate the poster, then you can take the old patches off and start over with another empty jar to be filled. Well, it was an idea I had, so I thought I would share it with you! Hope things are going better for you!


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