Monday morning round up (March 23)

I think I’m going to try to keep the Monday morning round up as a way to share things I’ve come across that I don’t have the time to devote a full post to. If you have any news or find anything you want included, email me (ann @!

  • the picture of Zoe that I entered in the Children's Eye Foundation's photo contest

    the picture of Zoe that I entered in the Children's Eye Foundation's photo contest

    Children’s Eye Foundation is sponsoring a photo contest for its “I Care for Eyecare” calendar, with the theme “It’s a beautiful thing to see.”  More details are here.  It’s pretty much a perfect contest for all of us.  I’ve entered a picture of Zoe, and I’d love if you vote for her picture (it’s titled “Zoe looks out over Lake Superior”).  Let me know if you enter any of your kids and I’ll post the information so we can vote for each other’s kids.  There are 12 winners – each receiving a digital camera!
    Note: the page is once again up.  Check it out and vote!

  • Amblyopia kids blogged about places that sell toy glasses for stuffed bears and dolls.
  • I got an email from a PR person at Wal-Mart letting me know about their recent announcement to reduce costs for eyecare, specifically children’s frames and lenses.  We have not used Wal-Mart for Zoe’s glasses, so I cannot speak to their service or selection.  If anyone has experience with them, please weigh in.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

11 responses to “Monday morning round up (March 23)

  1. Great to find your blog! I work for Seva Canada, an international eye-care non-profit that, among other things, does school screening and provides pediatric eye care in 7 developing countries. As all of you who have kids with glasses know, eye care for children is an urgent matter. Thanks for your site.


  2. You got my vote! I love how you can vote on more than one =) We also voted for Lookin Good! Elly’s picture Exploring the rocks at the beach should be up. We just submitted it today.


  3. Yes, that’s a beautiful picture of Zoe and also very appropriate to go with the theme of the calendar!!! Amomofelly, we’ll be voting for yours too…. can’t beat the beach!!!!


  4. Amomofelly – I’m so glad you’re entering that picture of Elly on the beach, I love that one and I’ll vote for it as soon as I can. Thanks for pointing out “looking good”, too. I feel like if it’s a calendar for children’s eye care, there really should be at least a few pictures of beautiful kids in glasses.


  5. Ann – I can’t vote…something isn’t displaying the website correctly for me…I’m really bummed. I can see the picture of Zoe, but no vote button 😦 It’s a great picture & I agree the calendar should be filled with adorable kids in glasses. I think all us parents here can agree…kids in glasses are too cute for words!


  6. I am using IE…maybe that is the problem. I can see the top 3 pictures & their vote buttons & the bottom 3 pictures which is Zoe, but no vote button. I’ll try another browser & see if that works. Thanks!


  7. We put our Ellie’s picture on there last night… I can’t remember now what I titled it, but something with spring… 🙂


  8. OK I was able to see it with FireFox. I also decided to enter a picture of Aubrie. You can’t miss her she’s the cardinal bird for Halloween picture. Hopefully we can get kids with glasses in this calendar…it only makes sense!


  9. Yay! I’m thrilled we’re getting so many great pictures of our little four eyes. I’ll put up a post tonight or tomorrow with links and names of everyone’s pictures.


  10. I voted for “our kids” 🙂 I also just put one up of Belle with her patch on in Sepiatone called “My Smiling Eyes”. Hopefully it will approved tomorrow or so 🙂 I agree, a lot of those pictures were beautiful but didn’t seem totally relevant!


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