Reader question: nearsighted child seeing double with glasses

Tanya posted this question in the archives and I wanted to re-post it here to see if anyone else has run in to this particular problem when their child first started out with glasses for nearsightedness.  -Ann Z

My son is 4 and we had no idea he has any problem with his vision. He was tested at school and we recvd a letter suggesting we have further testing. Well we did and were shocked with the news that he was near-sighted and dbl stig. Stunned I demanded a second opn and was told pretty much the same thing. However the Dr said we should gradually increase the lenses. We got his first pair today and he says he sees double and doesnt want to keep them on…. what do we do?

2 responses to “Reader question: nearsighted child seeing double with glasses

  1. Is there a large difference of correction between the eyes? sometimes a high degree of difference in the corrective power of the lenses may cause visual disturbance.

    sometimes the fit of the lenses may affect vision (induced prism)

    definitely questions for the PO…


  2. First, have the glasses doubled checked against the prescription to make sure they are right. And have the optometrist check and make sure they got you child’s pupil distance right. Those things sometimes get messed up.

    If that checks out and everything is ok with the glasses, try bribery. Sam didn’t want to wear his glasses at first either, and we just flat out said “No TV, no computer, no Thomas, no books, etc unless you are wearing your glasses.” If life is boring enough with no glasses, maybe he’ll put them on.

    Or, tell him that if he wears them a certain amount of time, then you will go do something fun. Maybe even have a sticker chart so if he wears them a certain amount of time each day, he can earn stickers that add up to a nice prize.


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