Any Zenni Pros out there?

A few people have posted that they have used Zenni in the past.  Since Elly is so light sensitive and we live in the “Sunshine State,”  I wanted to get her actual sunglasses for the millions of hours we spend outside.  2 nights ago we picked and ordered a cute pink pair.  This is the notice I got in my e-mail box this morning.   Should I tell them to go ahead and fill them?  Is there some lens part I can change (pay more) to have the glasses be more balanced in weight?  I’d love your help!

“Before processing your order further, we need to clarify something in your order. The Spherical values for the OD (right eye) -6.50 and for the OS (left eye) 0 are quite imbalanced. So would you please tell us if you have vision in your left eye? If not, we can process the left lens as a balance one in order to have the two lenses match in appearance and weight.

So you are advised to scan and email your original prescription including the PD to us for verification. And if you confirm that the Sph values are correct, we have to tell you that the right lens will be much thicker and heavier than the left one for your glasses. So would you like to go on with this order?

Please email us your confirmation so we may proceed with your order.

Thank you for selecting Zenni Optical for your vision needs. “

3 responses to “Any Zenni Pros out there?

  1. I’ve never had to fax in my script – just always type it in – so I’m not sure. But from how I’m reading this, they want to know since there is no prescription on the left (is vision perfect in the L?) that they want to know if she can see in that eye or not. Because if she can’t see then they’ll just match the lens to the right so she doesn’t have one thick and one thin lens, etc.

    In Belle’s case her prescription in her eyes are both pretty different – because of her amblyopia, obviously. She does have one lens that is thick for farsightedness and the other that is thin but still has some prescription on it. She gets that “mega eye” look when you peek at her through the amblyopic eye’s lens.


  2. Thanks MT! Her vision is perfect in the left, which is what causes us tons of problems and makes it really easy for her brain to just shut off her right eye. One of my worries ordering online is that there is no one to ask questions to – so thanks for the help. We just wanted a pair of sunglasses – I don’t mind the “mega eye” look as long as she can see outside =)


  3. I ordered Aubrie a pair of sunglasses & they just came in today. They are SUPER cute and only cost us $25. It took about a month to get them so it’s not fast shipping. Also, if you e-mail a question you get a very vague, unhelpful response. However, the glasses look great! I haven’t gotten home to try them on Aubrie yet, but they look the correct size in comparison to her regular frames. I’ll get a picture of her modeling them soon. I also got my hubby a pair for $20 and they also look great. I think Zenni may be a great answer for our continual glasses battles! About the balancing, I’m not sure because Aubrie’s prescription is the same in both eyes.


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