are they real?

First, apologies for not updating the site or answering emails this week, my grandmother passed away unexpectedly and we were with family.  There should be a lot of updates and additions to the photo gallery coming in the next couple of days.

I’ve noticed that recently we’ve gotten a lot more questions about whether Zoe’s glasses are “real.”  I guess now that she’s old enough to choose her own outfits, it’s possible that she might want to wear glasses that do nothing for her.  Then on our train trip out to see my family I had two different people ask me if Zoe’s temporary tattoo of a dog driving a firetruck was real!  And I realize that silly comments are absolutely not limited to kids wearing glasses.

3 responses to “are they real?

  1. Hi Ann

    We’re sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know everyone’s family dynamics are different, but I lived with my grandma for 15 years and I know how I would feel if I lost her unexpectedly. Our thoughts were with you even though we didn’t write to you sooner.

    Speaking of updating the gallery, I know I sent you a pic of Penny, but I’d like to change that to this pic: I just got this one today and absolutely love it.

    And as for glasses being real… I know the feeling. We get asked if Penny is wearing glasses. They sure look like glasses to me…


  2. I just found out my son (3 years old) needs glasses. I’m so happy I found your site! Lots of GREAT info!


  3. Hi Allison! So glad you found us. Best of luck with your son’s glasses – keep us updated and send us a pic of him in his new specs if you’re comfortable with it.


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