Toronto Event: Eye of the Tigger – a panel discussion on strabismus treatment

I wanted to share this information from Lisa:

To Parents of Children with Strabismus…

Strabismus: A condition in which the visual axes of the eyes are not parallel and the eyes appear to be looking in different directions.

I had/have strabismus. Now my sweet baby Lúa also has strabismus.

I am creating an event, an evening with a panel of doctors from all sides of the spectrum of treatment from surgery to vision therapy and everything in between. This is for parents to learn about what exactly it is, how it comes to be and what ALL the treatment options are.

Currently, I am looking for anyone interested in being involved in making this event possible. If this is you, please e-mail me –

I am so excited about what is possible here not only for Lúa but for all of the babies/kids with this condition.

This is going to be one heck of a night!!


I will update people when there’s more details available about this.  I’m also hoping that some of the event will be recorded and made available on the Internet for those of us that cannot get to Toronto.

2 responses to “Toronto Event: Eye of the Tigger – a panel discussion on strabismus treatment

  1. I am super keen Lisa but I live in Australia so I love the idea of an internet site for those who cannot get to Toronto!


  2. I just wanted to update this event is happening on July 21 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the MaRS in Toronto, Canada. Lisa is having a panel of doctors and speakers to cover the spectrum of treating strabismus from surgery to vision therapy and everything in between! It would be great if the event will be packed, so any of you close enough to be there, please go! I think that there is way too little awareness on other treatment options besides surgery. It will be taped, so hopefully all of us who can’t go can watch the event online. You can get in touch with Lisa through her website given above.


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