online glasses special for adults from SelectSpecs

I’m straying a bit from our normal focus (oh dear, please forgive that unintentional pun – there are just too many puns to be made when it comes to vision…), as this post is about glasses for adults, but since many eye problems are inherited, I know that many of us wear glasses ourselves.  I received an email from SelectSpecs, an online glasses shop.  They’re running a special on prescription glasses for just $7 or $11 (plus approx $5 shipping), which includes anti-scratch, anti-reflection and UV protection coatings.  There are 10 frames available (8 fully rimmed at $7, 2 semi-rimless at $11), and there’s about 1,000 available of each frame.  They’ll be officially launching the offer on June 8th, but they are letting us have access to the offer now, which is nice since there’s a limited number of frames.  You can follow this link (link removed, no longer valid) to see the offer and order from there.

I want to be up front, I have not ordered from SelectSpecs so I cannot offer any first-hand reviews of their service, but my interactions with them have been very pleasant.  (They also have not offered me anything beyond the offer I’ve listed here.)

I did ask whether they would ever consider offering glasses for children.  It turns out that in the UK (where they are based), glasses for children require fitting by an optician due to PD measurements.

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