Little Four Eyes poem

I asked my friend, and poet Heather Tompkins to write a poem for Little Four Eyes (and Zoe) for Poem in Your Pocket Day (which is celebrated at the end of April).  She did, and it was beautiful, but she wanted to polish it just a bit before I published it.  So here, at last, a poem for all the little four eyes out there…

Little Four Eyes
(for Zoe G.)

Little trend setter, little go getter, little mud pie maker,
bake me a cake as fast as you can and
mark it with a Z.

Old Ben Franklin knew today is worth two tomorrows
What do you see through your spectacular spectacles,
fabulous glasses, and gorgeous frames?

Are they horned-Rimmed, solid gold, big bold plastic,
Coke bottle, Wire framed, Anne Klein, on a chain
Little bitty half moons, shades of bright yellows and blues
Rhinestones, tortoise shell, Jackie O
Sixty-four and more?

Puff the dragon, peeked out the backpack
wearing a pair of Cat’s Eyes that were to die
for, ready to play in the sea.
Pay no mind to what Dorothy said about passes
There is plenty of time for that later

Blend in, stand out, shake it off, make it work,
show them what it’s all about
It is not OK to take your glasses away
Except if you are swimming or sleeping but not
Baking, playing, catching, dancing, singing,
Running, dreaming…

by Heather Tompkins

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