Reader question: Conjunctival cyst

This question came in from Theresa, whose son had strabismus surgery earlier this month.  -Ann Z

Nicolas' eye

Nicholas' eye

Well, Nicholas had his surgery on August 5th and has been doing quite well, however, what we thought was just a stitch is not. I found out today that it is a conjunctival cyst. I am very upset about this. His doctor says that it might go away on its own, however, if it does not it will have to be surgically removed.

Any suggestions or insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

2 responses to “Reader question: Conjunctival cyst

  1. Zoe had a conjunctival cyst in one eye after her surgery – I think it showed up almost a month post surgery. It wasn’t as large as Nicholas’, but it freaked me out, that’s for sure. Zoe’s PO said just to watch it and didn’t mention anything about surgery to remove it. It went away on its own after a week or so.

    I hope things get better for Nicholas! How hard to hear that there might be another surgery right on the heels of this last one.


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