What Can Pinky See – Book Review

If you have a toddler or pre-school child in glasses, the book, “What Can Pinky See? (Lift-The-Flap Book).” “What Can Pinky See” is a must have.  I bought it at a garage sale last month and couldn’t be happier with our find! We REALLY like it!

The story begins with an introduction to Pinky.   The author, Lucy Cousins, tells us that Pinky “wears glasses so he can see well.”  Then Pinky goes on an adventure finding new things to see in different places.  At the end, Pinky goes to bed and there is an illustration of him and his glasses on the table beside his bed.

Not only does this book have great illustrations that are simple, colorful, and easy to see, but the book is also highly interactive with a lift-the-flap on each page.  It is also great for vocabulary development as it uses some great words for places; hedge, stable, hutch.  Last, but not least, I really appreciate that the story addresses that the glasses help Pinky see better, but the main focus of the story is on what he finds.  It truly is an enjoyable little story that has been read many times in our household!

Activities to do before or after reading the story

  1. Go on your own exploring walk.  Use the same pattern as the book.  What can (your child’s name) see in the (place, ie- kitchen)?
  2. Make a picture matching activity and have you child match
    1. Birds to the hedge
    2. Fish to the pond
    3. Bug to the grass
    4. Donkey to the stable
    5. Rabbit to the hutch
  3. Practice eye tracking by putting a picture of one of the animals from the story on a popsicle stick.
  4. Read another Pinky story!

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