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I have a whole lot of questions and things to post, I’m trying to get through stuff in my inbox (which reminds me, if you have questions or topics you want posted, email me or just post a comment).  So here are some links I wanted to pass along:

  • Charlotte in her cocoon sunglasses

    Charlotte in her cocoon sunglasses

    Another sunglasses option – I read about the cocoon sunglasses on the Insights blog.  They are sunglasses that go over the glasses.  They don’t come in a kids sizes, but the small size worked for Meghan’s daughter, Charlotte.  I’m going to get the information posted to the round up of sunglasses post.

  • JC Penney optical coupon – I think this probably only good in the US, but JC Penney is running a kid’s eyeglasses package for $49  for frames, lenses, and warranty.  Bifocals are extra, but it’s a good price.  The coupon is good until Sept. 12, 2009.
  • Child Vision Care Report (pdf) – this report talks about children’s vision care in the United States and makes a series of recommendations.  There’s a lot of good stuff in there that’s not specific to the States.  I’m planning on writing more about some of the recommendations, but thought I’d pass it along in case you also find this stuff interesting.

2 responses to “some quick links

  1. We looked into the JCPenny deal. No options for Cable Temples, but lots of cute frames. You can pick any of their frames with a price of $99 or lower. FYI – in addition to bifocals, if your perscription is high it also costs extra. They do send their glasses out to a lab, so there is a wait time.


    • My daughter wears bifocals and we went in for the deal. We payed $30 more for bifocals $10 more for high Rx and I payed another $10 to have them expressed. We ordered them 2 days ago and they just called to say they’re ready. So total $100. I ordered 2 pairs since I thought it was such a great deal. Selection, not so much but we got lucky and we did get real cute frames. Warranty is pretty good too. Wait without expess was going to be 2-3 weeks.


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