spotlight on Little Four Eyes

Julia Kelly at BlogCatalog wrote a very nice spotlight on Little Four Eyes, which includes an interview with me.   I’ve enjoyed interviewing other people for this blog, so it was fun to be on the other side and get a chance to talk about Little Four Eyes, and especially how much you all mean to the blog.

2 responses to “spotlight on Little Four Eyes

  1. Congratulations Ann! This blog is the greatest resource & everything I was searching the internet for when Aubrie got her glasses – I just couldn’t find it then & felt so alone 😦 However, I now check this blog pretty much daily. I’m proud to be a part of this parent community. It gives me a chance to share my story & help other parents joining our journey as well as learn things that will help my daughter as she grows. I seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blog. If I ever run across another mother of a toddler in glasses I’ll definitely send them here for support – so far I haven’t met one. I think our kids are a rare breed of very special people 🙂 ~Annie


  2. Ann, it was such a pleasure to interview you and to get to know the Little Four Eyes parent community. As I wrote in the piece, my brother had to patch at age 4 and wore (still wears!) glasses afterward. So I understand how much families need the information and support you provide here. Keep up the great work, all of you. This is a great site and a great community.

    – Julia at Midwest Moms (and BlogCatalog!)


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