Happy News

I’m very happy to announce that Amomofelly gave birth to a little boy on Nov. 7. They’re hoping to head home from the hospital today.

She writes, “Elly is in LOVE with him and tries to give him tons of kisses and hugs. We are already running into a glasses issue as his skin is so sensitive and she wants to get cheek to cheek with him. When I told her she has to be really careful that her glasses don’t scratch him, those glasses flew off quicker than you could imagine and she was rubbing her cheek to his. (very sweet, but will need close monitoring!)”

One response to “Happy News

  1. Congratulations amomofelly! I will pray that you have an easy recovery and an easy transition to having a new baby in the house! I know the first few weeks are the toughest! Take care of yourself!


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