Patch Ornament

We just recieved the sweetest Chistmas card from Annisa’s Fun Patches.  Included was a simple white patch to decorate and either wear or hang on the tree. What a great idea – a patch ornament!  For those of you with sticky patches, you could easily stick 2 together and hang them as they meet their patching goals.  If you use Anissa’s they already have a hole to thread a ribbon for hanging on the tree.  I love the idea!  THANK YOU!!!

5 responses to “Patch Ornament

  1. Ann – we got one too! Emma was so excited when it arrived and could not wait to tell her Dad that Anissa sent her a patch for Christmas! We are still patching so she decorated hers and started using it for her patch that day. Like you I thought it was a fantastic idea…. = )


    • Christy, how cool that you guys got one! That’s such a great idea!

      (A quick note, I didn’t actually write this post, Amomofelly did. Her daughter, Elly, is patching for amblyopia. My daughter has so far not developed amblyopia, so we’re not patching. I still think that patch ornaments are a brilliant idea.)


  2. We can’t say enough good things about Annissa’s fun patch. Jonathan has responded so well to the design. We got sent 2 over the summer when we ordered ours. It was really nice to have one to practice with and the other to use.


  3. Christy – don’t worry, I am having that kind of month! and Holly, we love her patch too. It really works in all sorts of weather and seems to not irritate as much as some of the others. We rotate between Anissas and Framehuggers. Our neighbor got the patch ornament too… but both our kids are still patching and there-for were super excited to get a new patch in the mail and wore them immidiately!


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