Good news at the eye doctor

Zoe had her regular eye appointment this morning.  I had been looking forward to it for a while because I was anxious to know whether she has developed any binocular vision.  Zoe was looking forward to it because she knows the eye doctor doesn’t give shots.  She had been asking about the shots in particular for a couple of months now, especially since her last visit to the pediatrician did involve shots.  The no shots is a big selling point for the eye doctor.

Lea chart shapes. Today was not a good day for the house shape.

Her visual acuity measured at 20/25 and 20/30, which was good to hear.  Last appointment, she hated the square shape and refused to say square or point to the square, even though she’d get every other shape right.  This time, it was the house shape that annoyed her.  Gotta love 3 year olds and their moods.

We got to give her ophthalmologist the Children’s Eye Foundation calendar that has Zoe on the page for December.  We hadn’t told the doctor about it at our last visit (I think we didn’t know which pictures had been chosen yet), so that was a fun surprise.  And I was happy to learn that Zoe’s prescription hasn’t changed.  I had already decided we’d keep Zoe’s frames for another year (as long as they don’t get irreparably damaged), but it’s nice to get to keep the lenses, too.  Though now they’re out of warranty, so we’ll have to pay to replace them if they get horribly scratched.

But the big news is that she did pass a couple of the stereoscopic vision tests.  She reached out and tried to touch the square that she saw in 3-d!  I am simply thrilled.

(Shortly thereafter, we got into a huge fight over whether or not I should have drank any of her apple juice – answer: no – but I’m going to focus on the good news of the day).

5 responses to “Good news at the eye doctor

  1. Hi Ann,
    I just thought I’d gush about some good news that we also had at the eye doctors this morning. Almost the same news that you had. 4 months ago we were just perscribed a higher Rx and found out that Payden couldn’t see 3D well,if at all. Her hand went flat to the picture. Today, after 4 months of vision therapy that my husband and I have done all by ourselves, she saw the wings on the fly jump out. She tried to grab them. Her hand did touch the picture but she did see that it jumped out a bit. Yea!!!!!
    She is also controlling her eyes much better and her eyes are becoming more equal 20/30 and 20/35! We were at 20/40+ in the weaker eye last time.
    Horray for vision therapy. Lets just hope it keeps working and it sticks. What great news to get before the holidays, especially after a year of no good news at all.
    Congrats to you and Zoe, also. It’s nice to hear something good for a change.


    • What great news, Gretchen – definitely gush-worthy! That’s so wonderful for Payden, and it must feel great to know how much your hard work paid off. Great job all three of you!


  2. We just had our 1st check up and the very first Rx she was given seems to be the right one!! Juliet couldn’t see 3D before either. She couldn’t pick out the wings or buttons that needed to be pushed back in 2 months ago, but yesterday she got them all right! Our doc was VERY pleased and said she’d see us in 6 months! Yay!

    CONGRATS on your great appointment!! Its such a relief when something goes your way! Great job Zoe!


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