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I was checking some of my crafting blogs and ran across this post over at Colored Buttons.  It is completely unrelated to young kids in glasses, but I was drawn to her daughter, Shira’s self portraits when she was a student and how significant a role her glasses played in the drawings.  Trixi gave me permission to share them with you – I just think they are so sweet!  At 3, Elliana is drawing pictures of herself, but never includes her glasses.  When children get glasses at a young age, are they just so much a part of them that they don’t notice them?  Is it the age?  I have been wondering if I should encourage her to add them to her drawings or just ignore the fact that they are not present.  Any thoughts?  What do your children do?

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  1. As Bennett’s artwork has evolved we noticed he does include his glasses in self portraits. He’s 5 now, been in glasses since he was a year old, and the first time we realized he was drawing himself it was because of the glasses so we asked, “Is this you??” He was very excited we recognized who it was meant to be! We scanned it and posted the picture here, it was the week he turned 4:

    In the family pictures he now draws he includes glasses for anyone who wears them – grandma, dad, mom, himself. I think since he’s had them as long as he has memory it’s just part of his identity.


  2. Hello, I just found the website and I think it will be very helpful in the near future. I have a question and I haven’t found any references to it yet. We just found out our 3.5 year old son needs glasses and he needs a pretty strong prescription. The Dr. said that he would be a “different kid” after he got his glasses because he hasn’t been able to see things clearly before. The Dr. said we have to build up his prescription slowly so we don’t overwhelm his system or shock him and he could feel sick when he first gets his glasses. We will be getting them in about a week and I’m anxious to know what he might think when he is able to finally see things clearly. What have other kids experiences been when they were able to see clearly the first time?


    • Welcome Sihaya! I’ve heard of some kids that immediately talk about being able to see better, and others that take a while to adjust. My daughter didn’t really say much at all, but she was 14 months when she got her glasses. Good luck and please let us know how he responds to his glasses!


  3. Great question, and great picture, too! Zoe hasn’t really drawn pictures of herself yet, but she asks us to draw pictures of her, and asks us to draw glasses on. She’s also asked me to draw glasses on pictures of balls, cats, boys, and other things. (here’s a picture of her by some of my drawings – I’m clearly not an artist

    I’d love to see any other pictures that other kids have drawn of glasses!


  4. I agree – good question! Emma draws a lot and sometimes she draws herself with glasses and sometimes she doesn’t – she’s definitely not consistent. What I have noticed though is that she likes to draw glasses on animals. She loves animals, especially cats, and will more often than not have at least one of the cats/animals in her pictures wearing glasses. And when I picked her up from preschool today they had made spider hats (something to do with the Itsy Bitsy Spider song) and her spider had glasses. It was pretty cute I have to say!


  5. Your observation about your daughter not drawing herself with glasses made me think, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 5 yet I can’t remember me ever drawing a picture of myself with glasses! Interesting


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