2 years

Today is Little Four Eyes’ 2 year birthday!  It’s crazy to look back over those first posts when I had no idea if there was anyone else out there going through the same things, if anyone would read and share their wisdom.  That first month in 2008, we got just under 300 views, now we get nearly twice that number each day.  We have more than 300 posts, but even more exciting, over 2,000 comments!  I hope you’ll forgive my tooting our horn today.

copyright Megan Nishi, 2009

illustration copyright Megan Nishi, 2009

So a big thank you to everyone who has read, written, submitted photos, commented, passed along links…  You all have made this a great community that I have really come to love.  And my apologies for not getting photos uploaded recently, I have a bunch of great ones that I hope to get up soon.

6 responses to “2 years

  1. Happy blog birthday! Thanks for providing such a great resource in our vision community. We love reading your blog posts and value the caring way in which you develop your stories.

    ❤ Liz


  2. A good idea to strengten eyes when they are babies, is to put really bright socks on their hands. Baby socks of course. Like bright red. This gives the baby something to focus on and not only strenghens the eyes, it also sharpens the brain. Having a child going to medical school proves that the evidence is in my favor. When they are on the floor on their stomachs place mirrors, or anything that keeps their attention and then change the items. Always keep them stimulated, mobiles, etc. Good Luck!
    Author of Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses?


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