Meet Nicholas’ Eyes

Many of you know my daughter Elliana is 3 1/2 now and we caught her amblyopia a little before she turned one.  She has a high myopia, Strabismus, and 3 months ago had Bilateral Lateral Rectus Surgery on the muscles of both of her eyes.  We welcomed Nicholas into the world in November and I feel like our family was truly blessed, as we were told he was most likely headed for the NICU 3 weeks early.  Instead, he came out 8 1/2 pounds, in ok health, and was able to come home with us after several days.  Being more aware of eyes this time around and knowing our family’s vision history, I have been paying close attention to his eyes.  Our PO says they should have their eyes straight by 3 months and he is now 4 months and his left eye still wanders inward quite often.  We are rooting for him that he can straighten these eyes out.    Our first official PO visit for him is in a couple months, I will keep you updated!

5 responses to “Meet Nicholas’ Eyes

  1. He has beautiful eyes, I think I can see a resemblance with Elly’s eyes. Thanks for the update, let us know how the PO visit goes. I’m rooting for him and his eyes, too!


  2. Yes, he is cute as a button! We will definitely be praying for his eyes and for you too as you go to the first PO visit with him! I remember that our PO told us when we brought our daughter in at three months old, that she typically gives children until about six months to completely straighten out their eyes until she starts any intervention, but since Ellie’s eye turn was so severe, we started patching immediately. He is a fighter already! He already made it through a much bigger hurtle avoiding the NICU!!! All the best to all of you!


  3. I thought I posted a comment on here already, but it disappeared.:) Your little Nicholas does have beautiful eyes!!! Our youngest daughter’s eyes look much like his and I was concerned as well, but our PO assured us it was pseudostrabismus which makes her eyes look like they are out of alignment when they really are not because of the skin fold at the bridge of her nose. Maybe that’s what makes Nicholas’ eyes appear a little turned in. She also told us that most POs give them until 6 months old to have their eyes aligned normally. We will pray for your little guy. He has overcome so much already. He is already tough!


    • Corrie, for some weird reason your first comment got caught in the spam queue – I have no idea why. I just saw that and approved it, so that’s why they’re both showing up now.


  4. Thanks ladies – I think he is pretty cute too!
    Last time we were in, I asked our PO if they have a fast past option like Disney since we go in so often… they laughed at me! We’re hoping it is something minor – since the left eye does look a little smaller, that will take care of itself. But, knowing our family medical history – I am trying to be pro-active.


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