Last month, we got the… “I am very sorry, but we will most likely need to have Elliana go back for another surgery.”  Her eyes were turning in.  We were doing everything that traditionally helps and it was only making the turn in worse.  I was not at all prepared for that.   So, they put her back in her full strength perscription and stopped patching.

Well, 2 weeks later, her eyes had shown significant improvement.  Go figure.  We were all impressed.  With a slight turn in of the right eye, we agreed to patch every other day for a couple hours so that her eyes would be given plenty of opportunity to practice teaming, since they are not working very well together.

Then, one day, this…

Did you see the eye turn?  Not sure where it came from, but it is back and doesn’t look like it is getting better. We stopped patching and dropped the lenses back a bit, but it is only getting worse.  I am feeling SUPER BUMMED.

9 responses to “Re-Surgery?

  1. Oh Amanda, I am so sorry to hear that. That is so frustrating! I feel your pain. But hopefully, even though the thought of another surgery is daunting as I can imagine, perhaps this will be the one that finally corrects it. At least you can rest assured you have done everything in your power to avoid it. Keep your chin up, keep doing the great work and remember she is still so young you have plenty of time to work with it. In my humble opinion, strabismus must be one of the hardest things to deal with as a parent – it is a constant daily challenge and I know as far as I am concerned it is always on my mind. Always having to get that two hours of patching into our day and feeling panicked if we don’t or if she is unwell and we can’t for a couple of days. I think also becasue most people don’t see Paris in her patch, they are not aware of the ongoing daily battle. I am thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that the next surgery finally nails it!! Ingrid and Paris 🙂


  2. I also forgot to ask Amanda. Is the turn there without the glasses and have they explained to you why this is happening?


    • Ingrid – I could go on for a while, but the jist is, we can’t get her brain to relax. The turn is apparent with and without the glasses. It seems like her brain is still in the “bring the eye in mode” as we trained it from patching. In my research, they overcorrect slightly with surgery as the brain brings it back to center (this happened with her left eye) but because her vision is SO different (-1,-8) each eye is reacting differently.


  3. I’m sorry to hear that your daughters surgery wasnt successful. It has to be so frustrating for both of you when the doctors cant seem to fix it the first time. From reading all the posts over the last 1 1/2 years it seems like every PO is so different and what one does, the other does not.


    • Darlene, I agree it seems like the PO’s do different things, but I am glad, as each of our children have different issues and I really feel like our PO treats our daughter as an individual and considers her personality, how she reacts to things like a perscription change and her overal feelings. It is nice to know that they are not just using a one thing fixs all approach!


  4. Hello,

    I am having the same issue with my little one! Our surgery didn’t work either. We haven’t patched yet but I am sure a second surgery is on the horizon. I understand where you are coming from. Our first surgery was seven months ago.


    • Sorry to hear you are seeing a turn again. We have tried using a prism on her glasses, changing the perscription, patching, vision therapy with OT… pretty much everything available, but her brain just sends her left eye in further (soooo not typical) And Ann, the surgery is scheduled for September 23rd.


  5. Oh no, Amanda. I know that sinking feeling when you see that eye start to move in again, and I know you guys have been fighting this for so long. Is the doctor recommending a second surgery?


  6. I’m sooo sorry she is going through this!! UGHH!! Just when you think your out of the woods then this happens. Are they for sure doing the surgery?


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