Surgery is on

I have spent the last week trying to take tons of pictures of Elliana’s eyes.  As some of you may have the same problem that I do, she does not like to 1. look at the camera and 2. have her picture taken.  I did however get quite a few shots.  My husband and I looked at them all and sent several to our PO for review and we went in to get measurements again.  Even when she is looking straighter, her eyes still turn in. =(  There is also a test where she wears glasses with red and green lenses and must explain what she sees.  It was obvious that her vision was switching… 2 red, 2 green, 3 green, 2 red, 4 red, she kept switching colors and couldn’t see how many.  When I looked through the same thing, I saw 1 red, 2 green , and a white (maybe someone can explain this test better)

As for the surgery, I understand that they are going to move her eye muscle on her right eye almost back to where it started out. I asked how far and the Dr said that they will have to see if the muscle slid and wanted to know if I wanted her to call me during surgery (no way, please don’t call me… I am not qualified in any way to give any opinion – just focus on my baby)  They will only do one eye as Elliana had a very difficult time adjusting emotionally and physically to the change.   I have to admit, I am more nervous and scared this time around.  I am SO worried that this surgery won’t work too.  Then what?  I also feel so stupid sometimes and think that I should have gone to school to become a doctor or a surgeon just so that I would know more.

We did tell her that she will have surgery on Thursday.  She wanted to know what “exactly” was going to happen.  I said, “We will meet Dr. at Papa’s work.  They will give you medicine to make you sleepy and so you don’t feel any pain.  Afterwards they will take you to the back room to see the fishes and you will wake up in my arms.”  She however was not satisfied with my answer.  I guess I didn’t give enough details as she wanted to know more.  So I explained that she did such a good job patching but that the Dr wants to help your eye out so she can see better.  They will move one of the muscles on her eye.  She was ok with this and then asked if we could go to the grocery store to pick out treats for afterwards.

You bet baby cakes… anything you want.

6 responses to “Surgery is on

  1. There are so many ups and downs! I know that I personally always question myself and my sons doctor about making the right decision regarding surgery…his doctor isnt very personable. My son has had 2 surgeries already and the doctor is talking about a 3rd. The guilt I feel after 2 unsuccessful surgeries is terrible and its so hard for me to know if I am doing the right thing for him. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and successful surgery!! I’ll be looking for updates.


  2. ARGH! Change of plans. Elly came down with a cough and was running a 100.5 -101 fever yesturday evening. We are now re-scheduled for Oct 4th.


  3. Do you have the book Blueberry Eyes? It explains everything! My almost 4 year old loves it. I didn’t expect her to like to read about surgery but even after her first experience she is still drawn to the book. Good luck on Oct 4!


    • I looked at the Blueberry Eyes…I was wondering if the little girl has surgery and how the book explains it? I could only see the first page on Amazon. Thanks!


      • So my copy of Blueberry Eyes arrived yesturday. Definately what we needed for today. I will write a post about it later. Elly goes in for surgery in the morning.


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