Delay of surgery

Left eye in

Right eye in



Not teaming


Elliana’s eyes are totally different every day.  Some days I look at her and think, WOW her eyes are so straight.  Then, an hour later, her left eye will be completely inward and I can see the scar tissue from the last surgery.  Or it will be her right eye inward.  WHAT IS GOING ON?  At this time, there is a possibility that we may delay our 2nd surgery scheduled for September 23rd.  The last month we have had weekly appointments to try and get accurate measurements. Each visit results in different measurements.  The only good thing is that each eye individually is measuring in the 20/50 range (YEAH!)   I am so relieved that there may be a delay as I want Elly to have the least amount of surgeries possible.  My heart aches and I have lost much sleep about what to do.  The final decision will be made next week.

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