Poll: How did you choose the place to buy your child’s glasses?

I was thinking about putting together a post about how to find places that not only carry frames for little ones, but that also provide excellent service for the many adjustments and repairs we need.  It occurred to me that we’re lucky to live near a place that caters only to children, that came highly recommended by our PO and others.

How did you decide on the place to buy your child’s glasses?

2 responses to “Poll: How did you choose the place to buy your child’s glasses?

  1. I tend to go with who has the best mix of price and service, followed by convenience. In my experience the range of pricing tends to be fairly large, especially where dealing in higher range prescriptions. Generally when evaluating a place I’ll first ask if they have experience in higher range, hit them with a number, and then wait for the reaction. If they have to look it up, or dont cite a past experience, I’ll usually be on my way. If they don’t seem to flinch, I’ll then ask for some baseline pricing for lenses. After that, I’ll scope out the selection of frames.

    I’ve experienced differences in price that are quite substantial. Overall, though I’ll give on proce where the service is good, and the warranty is to our benefit (typically..replace for whatever issue in the first year, etc..)


  2. Hi Everyone,
    My husband and I own a great new children’s optical store that opened in Langley BC, its called SpecialEyes and we almost exclusivly do kids eyewear. We have more than 500 kids frames to choose from. Our prices beat all the big box stores and we have great warranties – 2 years! We live in Burnaby BC and it only takes us 15-20 minutes to drive there from most locations in the Lower Mainland. We do cute things for the kids too, like we have stickers, lollypops and parachute men not to mention a play area that comes in handy if you want to bring the kids that don’t need glasses along. Our customers say that the wouldn’t go anywhere else and we really give great service and the kids keep asking there parents “when can we go back to the optical store?”

    We are just a small business and I saw your great website and this thread. A great oportunity to get the word out there.

    Thanks! Great Website – love the name



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