Contest to win Airwear Lenses (US only)

I just heard about this contest, and wanted to pass it along as something that might be of interest to people here.  Sadly, it’s only open to US residents.

Airwear® Lenses are polycarbonate lenses that claim to use eco-conscious processing in the manufacturing and packaging of the lenses.  Since they are polycarbonate lenses (lighter, safer, and provide protection against UVA and UVB rays) , they are appropriate for children of all ages.

Airwear is currently running a contest that is open to US residents only, with a grand prize of $1,000, and 10 runner up prizes of $400 vouchers for Airwear lenses.  To enter the contest just visit (the Airwear website) and share a 250 word essay on how you will help your kids have a healthy, safe and successful school year.  Don’t be thrown off by the “school year” part of the contest, I double-checked, and even if your child isn’t in school, you can still enter and be eligible to win.  The contest runs until November 30, 2010, so you still have plenty of time to put together a winning essay.

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