gift ideas for your little four eyes

Giving the Gift of Sight

I had been planning on posting a gift guide for kids with glasses (and yeah, I’m really late at that, too).  But then I came across Seva Canada’s Gift of Sight Catalog for 2010-2011.  The catalog offers you ways of giving the gift of sight to a person or people through the work that Seva Canada does.  You can choose to give a general gift, or choose a more specific way for your money to be spent.  For instance, you can donate $26 to purchase a pair of glasses for a child in Guatemala, or $33 to provide eye testing for 100 children in Cambodia. Please consider taking a look and helping someone see better this holiday season.  I know that this is a tough time for everyone, but reading through their catalog reminds me of just how lucky we are to have good eye care, and to be able to afford glasses for Zoe.

Gifts for your Little Four Eyes

On a lighter note, recently, there have been some great posts here, and on the facebook group page pointing out fun gifts that celebrate our children’s glasses.  I thought it would be fun to pull these together in one spot, and I added a few of my favorite links, too.

I want to note that I have not received any money or products or any other type of payment for posting these links – they’re simply gift ideas that I like and wanted to share.  I am an affiliate with, which means that I receive a small commission for anything you buy through Amazon after linking there from my site (this currently only works for, not any of the  Amazon sites for other countries).  That money goes to the upkeep of this blog.  However, after looking at the catalog above, I will donate all of my earnings from the Amazon links this month to to use towards general eye care for children.

Gift Ideas:

  • Warm Sugar’s handmade dolls – these are the super cute, custom-made dolls that Amberhj wrote about last month that can be ordered with glasses or eye patches.

    Some of Warm Sugar's dolls

  • You and Me Friends Doll with glasses – another doll with glasses.
  • First glasses ornaments – customizable ornaments that feature kids in glasses.
  • Ficklets – very cool charms for your child’s glasses.  These are a great way to get your kids excited about how their glasses look.  Note: they are small, so not recommended for the very young kids.  You can read our review of Ficklets for more information.
  • WeeOnez – I love these simple sketches of animals with or without glasses, one for each letter of the alphabet.  You can get the images on shirts, bibs, mugs, and lots more.
  • and of course, there’s always books!

What other gift ideas have you come across?

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