New eyecare links on the resources page

I’ve recently learned about, and subsequently added some new links on the resources for parents page, and wanted to bring them to your attention.  Thanks to everyone that has suggested sites, and please, keep them coming!  If there’s a helpful website or great community out there, I want to list it.

Reference resource

Communities for specific vision issues

Blogs by eye care professionals

  • Dr Lea & Children’s Visions – Dr. Lea Hyvärinen is a Finnish pediatric ophthalmologist.  She may be most well-known by people here as the developer of the LEA symbols (the pictures of a house, an apple, a circle and a square that are commonly used as an eye chart for children).  Her blog managed by her daughter, and is so far, a way of making available her writings about children’s vision development.
  • The VisionHelp Blog – VisionHelp is a blog written by a group of leading optometric vision specialists in the U.S.  They seek to increase awareness and understanding of vision treatment and vision therapy.

2 responses to “New eyecare links on the resources page

  1. Ann,
    Thank you for sharing the information and doing what you do! You help so many with the information you share! It gives people support! i always like to learn about new sites and if it could help my son and others!
    also another one that involves other eye diseases, due to Retinal,is
    for the young and elders.

    Thanks again!


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