Elly’s Princess Peepers Picks a Pet Contest Entry

After I read the contest to Elliana, she immidiately got out her water color paints and asked if I would draw her a “gigantic dragon” just like Princess Peepers has, so that she can act out the book and pretend to be Princess Peepers.

How could I resist such a sweet request? So, of course, we got to work right away. Here is a picture… of course, you will need to check out Pam Calverts site or facebook for our final entry =)  Hope you all take a minute today to visit http://wwwpamcalvert.blogspot.com/, enter the new competition,  or shop for the new book!  I reccomend it for our older preschool / kindergarten age kids!  Here is a link to a review http://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/childrens-books/pam-calvert/princess-peepers-picks-pet/

4 responses to “Elly’s Princess Peepers Picks a Pet Contest Entry

  1. Thanks =) She is almost a spitting image of her dad, but luckily got my creativity and love for gardening!


    • You know, I would do just about anything for a good cup of coffee =) Our fingers are crossed for the awesome prize pack!!!!


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