Link round up – March 1, 2011

I’ve come across a pretty random assortment of links recently, on topics of vision therapy, cataracts, and a do-it-yourself iPhone app for vision testing.

  • Questions for doctors – Stewart Snippets recently learned that her 2 year old son has lamellar cataracts.  She wrote a wonderful list of questions for her son’s doctors.  The questions are worth checking out and keeping in mind for doctor’s appointments, no matter what your child’s diagnosis.
  • Red Eye Reflex – Jack’s Journey has a great post – with lots of pictures – about red eye reflex in photos, which can be a sign of cataracts (it can also be a sign of a really good camera with red eye reduction).
  • Vision Therapy Video – This is a short video giving a concise explanation of vision therapy, with particularly good explanation of how visual problems can lead to difficulties with reading.  If you’re looking for a quick introduction to VT, this is a good place to start.  Via Bright Eyes News.
  • Vision Testing App, iSight Test – There’s a new app available for the iPhone/iPad that allows you to assess visual acuity at home.  The app was developed by ophthalmologists and a pediatric orthoptist.  The app gives parents the ability to track their child’s visual acuity during amblyopia treatment in between  eye doctor visits.  Obviously, this app would not take the place of vision exams, but rather give parents a tool to use in between visits.  Quick note, the app uses and was created by Kay pictures, which were developed in part by Hazel Kay, author of Hoppity Frog has Two Clever Eyes, and a pediatric orthoptist.  Watch for a more detailed review of the app.

2 responses to “Link round up – March 1, 2011

  1. Dear Little Four Eyes Team,
    Let me compliment you for producing this wonderfully rich blog for parents with children vision problems. There are so many excellent resources for the public on your site. You have done an excellent job!

    As one of the authors of The VisionHelp blog I truly appreciate the effort that you have put into this blog. And, since it is apparent that you are looking to find better ways for parents (and the public in general) to have access to vision information as well as a possibly way to network with expert doctors in the field of developmental vision and vision therapy, may I suggest a wonderful “vision advocacy network” – Sovoto to your readers. Sovoto serves as a place for people to have access and network with those who have a shared interest in vision. The site is:

    Sovoto involement will support your Blog too when you (or anyone) create discussions that provides links back to the Little Four Eyes Blog. This in turn helps more parents find answers to their questions and that helps more children with vision problems get better.

    Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD


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