The Muppet Movie made me cry

This weekend, we had a family vacation to Disney World.  Although I had no interest in going to Hollywood Studios, the Beauty and the Beast Musical was of interest to Elliana, so we went.  It was fabulous, but what was even better was the 3D Muppet Movie.  No, it hasn’t changed since we saw it on school band trip in high-school and is still quite boring, but I didn’t really watch the movie this time.  I watched my four-year old sitting in her chair with those silly looking glasses reaching out to touch everything that came towards her.  SHE WAS SEEING 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My heart was so happy, that YES, the Muppet Movie made me cry!

6 responses to “The Muppet Movie made me cry

  1. I usually don’t comment, but reading this made my heart leap and I kind of had to–my seven year old has never, ever been able to see 3D…and then on our last trip to Disney, she was reaching out for everything in the 3D Phil-har-magic show! So–yeah, I totally get the crying thing, I did too. Congratulations! 🙂


  2. She hasn’t been able to see the wings on the fly yet, but was able to identify a little part of the other section with small animals in a line and one is “popped up” after the 2nd surgery, but wasn’t showing any signs of it before – Her reaching out to grab things was awesome. Yippee!!!


  3. oh this is so good!!! abi hs never seen the 3D photos at the Dr. they say that she probably cant see 3 D and wont ever beable to and now i read this!!!! thanks for giving me hope. i get the tears as i had them just reading this. thanks so much for the comments, wisdom and support. this really gives us hopes and teaches us not to underestimate the ability of our little ones. i am so happy for you


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