No news is good news

It seems like forever since I have posted – sorry, hope all is well with our little four eyes family. Elliana’s eyes have remained straight since the last surgery and her prescription hasn’t changed again, but I am getting the sinking feeling that it will be soon. She is starting to put her face close to her work again and take her glasses off more for breaks. I’m calling our PO to schedule a visit. We have found Elliana likes clarity and is not a fan of a partial filled prescription. My gut feeling though is that we may be in for a change within the next year again. I think we are at (-2.5, -8.5) now.

We started swimming this summer and have been having a blast. Elliana made the decision to wear her glasses in the water and she is a fish! A couple of people have commented and asked why she is wearing glasses in the water and not goggles. Here is my current answer.
1. This is working for her. She is comfortable and having fun. She can see above and below water.
2. These Disney 187cc cable temple frames are taking a beating and still ticking – so I;m not going to mess with it
3. At this time, there are no goggles for the high rx, so we would have to get the maximum available. With her being so young, I am not sure how well the goggles would work, how soon she would outgrow them, and if she would actually wear them.

SO, fo the time being, she swims with glasses!

Also, my #2 LOVES glasses. We bought him a Build A Bear set of glasses to wear around the house. HE is a hoot and hard on the real and pretend pairs! Elly tells him that when he gets to be a big kid like her, hey may be able to get “real glasses” like her!

4 responses to “No news is good news

  1. I *always* wear my glasses in the water! I don’t like goggles – and I don’t like not being able to see clearly – so – in I go with my glasses on!! Some people give me a funny look – but, as my 9 year old would say “It’s how I roll!” LOL!


  2. Darlene, that is awesome. I am so glad to hear others wear glasses in the water!!! – do you cannonball off the edge and dive for dive sticks with them too? We once wore our glasses without cable temples and she was frustrated that they kept slidding off. She is just something else =)


  3. My daughter who’s 4 has always worn her glasses while in the water – pool or beach. Recently we signed her up for summer camp and they were questioning if that’s really what we wanted, I told them absolutely since she can’t see well without them! Her glasses actually don’t have cable temples and we’ve never had any problem with them falling off and she’s always jumping off the edge of the pool, etc. As she gets older if there comes a time when she decides she wants goggles we’ll look into it, but for right now she’s happy to wear her glasses in the pool and I’m just happy she’s happy.


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