Spectacularly spooky spectacles (Halloween photo round-up)

I had too much fun going through my email inbox these past couple of days.  The pictures everyone sent in of their children all dressed up for Halloween are beyond cute.  So without further ado, here they are, enjoy!  (And if you have a picture you want added, send it my way, I’ll try to get it up – ann @ shinypebble . com)

Zoe, in her outfit as "Zoe princess"

Sukkot and Halloween at the office

Glamorous Glowing Glasses

a blue witch

9 month old, Madeline Christine as a Baby Blossom for her first trick or treating at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

little shark Judd...so handsome

Santa's little helper took a day off to take part of Halloween's Trick or Treat Party.

spectacled halloween cuteness

Under the Sea Specs (also, awesome pumpkin! - Ann Z)

Superman wore glasses!

Ms. Abby, who turned 6 in September - she wanted to be a vampire bat for halloween - so one old black umbrella for "wings" later - and, voila - one very, scary vampire bat!!

Kathryn, 10 months old

Simon dressed as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba! We figured that since he already wore glasses he'd love this costume too. Simon gets comments on how cute he is in his glasses all the time. This costume just made him that much more awesome.

Here's Nathan as a St. Bernard Puppy!

Mikey as 'Woody"

James (3) with big brother Sam (8). James is wearing Sam's costume from 5 year ago!

Karson (6) as a racecar driver in his glasses and Kendyl (13 months) as a bumblebee.

Here is my ten year old son Christian (zombie) and his brother, four year old Ethan (pirate)

Anderson as a REAL pirate in his eyepatch and glasses!

Princesses really DO wear glasses!

My Little Oldies Girl... Everyone Thought Her Glasses Were Part Of Her Costume! lol 🙂

Camryn Kay is 2 years old.

Lilly, the fairy princess

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