New page: blogs about children’s vision

I think blogs can be a fantastic way of sharing our struggles, and finding others that are going through similar journeys.  I had originally kept a list of blogs on the main resources page, but there are so many great blogs out there now that I wanted to give them their own page.  So I’ve created a new page for blogs about children’s vision.

The page is a work in progress.  As I hear about or stumble upon other blogs, I’ll add them.  And I’d love to hear from you if you have a blog that you’d like to have listed, or if you know of a blog that belongs on the list.  The only requirement is that the blog have some posts that related to having a child in glasses or children’s vision issues.  The list includes both personal blogs, generally written by parents, and professional blogs, written by eye care professionals or others in the industry.

I had originally written a short blurb for each blog, but the prospect of writing a blurb for each on is a bit daunting, so I’m going to settle for listing the vision topics covered in the blog (eg. amblyopia, cataracts, or optometrist).

Check it out!

One response to “New page: blogs about children’s vision

  1. Thank you, Ann! This looks great. I would have been SO excited to find this page when Adam was first diagnosed and I’m excited now to have a look-see at other people’s stories!


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