Announcing the Great Glasses Play Day – August 5, 2012!

Ever since starting Little Four Eyes, I’ve had a dream of somehow putting together an event for this community.  I’ve loved the support that everyone shares here, and if there’s any theme to this blog and our facebook group (ok, other than the obvious kids with glasses thing), it’s that nearly every single one of us felt so alone when we first learned our child had vision issues.  And finding others that are in the same boat has been wonderful.  And I don’t think it’s just us parents that would benefit from a get-together: Zoe doesn’t remember not wearing glasses, and once she got used to her glasses, she’s never really fought them, but she still comments on the fact that none of the kids at her school wear glasses.   I love the idea of kids seeing that there are other kids out there with glasses or contacts or eye patches – just like them.

Then, in the Little Four Eyes facebook group, there was discussion of putting together some kind of celebration day for kids in glasses – some way that we could all show our love of our little four eyes.

But here’s a little secret, I’m introverted, and shy, and not always good at organizing things that aren’t text.  While I can run a website, and moderate a facebook group (granted, you guys make this easy), and research the heck out of a question, I’m more than a little scared of trying to put together some kind of event, especially something in person.

And then along came Kristin, the founder of Peeps Eyewear and author of the book “Princesses Wear Glasses”.  She was excited about the idea of some kind of celebratory day, too!  And she has all sorts of energy and enthusiasm and she convinced me that working together, I’d could step outside my comfort zone and give this a try.  So here goes:

The Great Glasses Play Day is August 5, 2012!!

Now, as much as I love the idea of one big get together, I know that’s not possible.  We’ll have an in-person meet up in Minneapolis (at the lovely Lake Harriet), and it’ll include activities and lots of space to play and even a parade!  But we’re also going to have a lot of ways to participate online, and even more exciting (at least in my mind), is that we’ll be encouraging people to plan their own in-person celebrations.  We’ll even help you organize get the word out to others in your area.

Check out the Great Glasses Play Day website, or “Like” it on facebook.  We’ll be updating both with more details and ways to get involved.  I’m terribly excited about this, I hope you’ll join us to make this a great event!

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