Reader post: imoms for a chance

Thanks to Melissa who wrote this post on her blog, perfect boy.  A not so perfect eye, and gave her permission to post it here. She’s written for us before, with her fantastic post on patching a toddler, and the lovely, eye believe.  You may also want to check out her other posts about her son on her blog. – Ann Z

my cousin, Shannon, left this as a comment one day on a blog post & it really stuck with me. It’s a nice reminder of why I am tired with this patching business. It’s hard, but so worth it. I saved his patches for a few days (literally, we go through more than this amount in 2 days, but these were the ones that I could salvage) & wrote the quote in it, so I can have it as a reminder.

Two things in this post.

First, I was talking at lunch, I can’t remember what about, and I said something about, “One of my eye moms…” And, a friend said, “Oh, EYE moms. I thought you meant imoms, like ipad or ipod.”


I realized that is such a better name! Think about it, all of Apple products are designed to make people’s lives better, just like the imoms! I am reading Steve Jobs’ biography and he said, “The consumer doesn’t know what they want until we show them.” (possible paraphrasing there) and I think even that is relevant. I had no idea when I started this blog that Anderson was going to be diagnosed with a cataract or that I was going to spend the next years of my life chasing around a very active boy with a bandaid. But, I also didn’t know I was going to find such support in all of the imoms out there! I didn’t even know I needed you guys 🙂    I love it.

So, my next thing is that I am (yet again) in the acceptance stage of the Eye. Or, at least back to somewhere on the outskirts of it. I have realized that I am so, so, so much luckier than so many moms out there. What on earth do I have to complain about? While this patching all day thing is the Hardest. Thing. I’ve. Ever. Done. In.My. Life,  my kid has a “situation” that requires constant attention, but is not fatal and will not drastically impair his ability to live a normal life even in the worst case scenario.

But, even better, we have a chance. I realized how many moms in awful situations, where they are really watching their kids struggle or be in pain, would love to just have a chance to make it better. I think the best attempt at putting into words what being a mom is on airplanes where the emergency info says, “You must put your oxygen on first or you will be unable to help your child!” There is even a little picture of it to demonstrate. I love this because it clearly recognizes that helping yourself first goes against every single speck of instinct that makes up being a mom. The airline basically has to tell you it will hurt your kid if you don’t do this. My point is all moms love their kids beyond anything imaginable. Many moms who are struggling with things way worse than I am would love to be in this situation where I have a chance to fix it.

I am so thankful for this, even on the days when I complain a lot, I promise I realize how lucky I am.

I will take my chance and run with it.

And, kick it’s butt.


6 responses to “Reader post: imoms for a chance

  1. So glad this was shared… imoms are the silver lining in all of this! We do have a chance, one that takes guts and bravery but we are oh soooo lucky to have that chance!!!


  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who often brings up my eye friends from the Internet! I may have to adopt the “imoms” name. I’m so thankful for all of you


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