Little Four Eyes for Kids

Stacy left a comment asking about ways to explain glasses to kids, and it reminding me of something I’d been meaning to try.  There are quite a few sites out there that explain vision to kids (Marie’s last post talks about one of them from Prevent Blindness Ohio), but I’ve had a really hard time finding sites or books that talk about why kids might need glasses.  So I thought I’d give it a try (please understand I don’t really have a background in this, my experience with explaining things to kids comes solely from my attempts to explain things to my girls, and I’m not always successful with that).  And then as I thought about how I might explain things, I realized just how big of a topic it is.

So I think I may try a series on explaining vision and glasses and patching to kids.  I’m planning on aiming at the kids in preschool through kindergarten, but hopefully it will be of interest to a broader range of ages.  The topics I’ve thought of covering are:

  • How do our eyes work?
  • Why do some kids need glasses?
  • How do glasses work?
  • How do I take care of my glasses?
  • What happens at an eye exam?
  • Why do some kids need to patch?

I’ll be posting the first “for Kids” post right after this: “How do glasses work?”

Are there other questions that I should try to cover?  Have any of you had luck explaining glasses or vision to your kids?

2 responses to “Little Four Eyes for Kids

  1. My daughter is very interested in how eyes work, but the books we have found are for older kids or adults- way too complicated!


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