Little Four Eyes for Kids: Taking care of your glasses

This is second installment in the Little Four Eyes for Kids series.  The series is targeted at kids in preschool through kindergarten.  I’d love your feedback!

How do I take care of my glasses?

You’re glasses help you to see better, and they look pretty great, too.  But there are things you can do to help them!

Glasses can break or scratch easily.  If they get scratched, it can make it harder for you to see.  If they’re broken, you may have to go without glasses for a while until you can get them fixed.

There are special ways to take your glasses on and off, special places to keep your glasses, and special ways to wash your glasses.  It might sound like a lot, but it’s really easy!

Putting your glasses on and taking them off

Use both hands when you put your glasses on or take them off.  Use one hand on each of the ear pieces.   Try not to spread the ear pieces apart too much.

How should I clean my glasses?

every thing you need to clean your glasses

Your glasses get dirty, just like your hands and face do.  And when they’re dirty, it can be hard to see.  Here’s a good way to clean your glasses:

  • Use water to rinse the lenses.  If your glasses are very dirty, you can use special lens cleaning spray.
  • Carefully wipe your glasses dry with a soft cloth.  Usually your glasses store will give you a special cloth for this.
  • Don’t touch the lenses with your fingers, or you’ll get them smudged and have to clean them again.

Where should I keep my glasses?

Your glasses should stay on your face most of the time, but there are still times when you need to take them off.

Talk to your parents, what are some times that you should take your glasses off?

First thing to do when you take your glasses off is to carefully fold them back up.  Now you have to find a place to put them!

When you aren’t wearing your glasses, they should go somewhere safe, where they won’t be stepped on or sat on or lost.  If you set your glasses on a table or shelf, make sure the lenses are facing up.

The best places for your glasses are:

  • in a glasses case
  • on a glasses holder
  • in a special place that you have chosen, where they won’t get bumped or lost

Which of these pictures shows glasses in a safe place?

in a jacket pocket?

on a chair cushion?

In a glasses case?

playing with farm toys?

Make your own glasses case!

Glasses cases protect your glasses from scratches and falls.  It’s good to have more than one glasses case, that way you have them in a few places in your house like your bedroom (for sleeping) and the bathroom (for bath time).

Here’s how you can make and decorate your own glasses case:

You’ll need:

  • craft foam rectangle, 6 x 8 inches  (15 x 20 cm)
  • yarn or ribbon
  • single hole punch
  • foam stickers or fabric paint or markers to decorate


  • Fold the foam rectangle in half so it is 6 x 4 inches (15 x 10 cm)
  • Have an adult help you punch holes through one short side and the long side that isn’t folded (since it’s folded, you’ll punch holes through two layers of foam), so you can lace the sides shut.
  • Use the yarn or ribbon to lace the sides together.
  • Decorate the outside of your case with stickers, paint or markers.  Make sure any paint or markers are dry before you use your case.

(instructions from Activity Village)

One response to “Little Four Eyes for Kids: Taking care of your glasses

  1. Help my toddler hot his first glasses today and after 2 hours I had to go back to the opticians and order a new lense as it hit badly scratches in the inside due to my son biting them 😒 It was the one time he offered to take them off so unfortunate I guess but if it happens regular I am worried about how we will cope. We had polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant coating but still his teeth got through that. Also I would like transition lenses which I had requested but was informed today that we didn’t get that and it may not be possible due to my lil guys prescription strength. I welcome any advice please


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