Call for Canadian parents with young children in glasses

Update: Thank you to everyone who responded!  I’ve forwarded your names and email addresses on to Abigail.

I recently got the following request from Abigail:

 I am writing a story on finding out your young child needs glasses for a national Canadian magazine’s web site. Would I be able to talk to one of you about your experience? If possible by early next week. Are any members/contributors Canadian by chance?

If you’re Canadian, and interested in talking with Abigail, leave a commen – make sure you put your correct email address in the email field – that will let me forward your email address on Abigail, without you having to post it where everyone else can see it.


5 responses to “Call for Canadian parents with young children in glasses

  1. I’m Canadian and have two children in glasses. My daughter, now 5, has worn glasses for a modest astigmatism for 15 months now. My youngest, 2, just started wearing glasses (we got them a week ago) for a severe astigmatism. Happy to help if needed.


  2. Hi, I am Canadian as well.I found out my son needed glasses when he was 2.5 years old. Not only did he need glasses but he’s a +8. Neither my husband nor I wear glasses. I would love to share our experience. Thanks,


  3. My 5yr old son has been wearing glasses since he was 3. He is far sighted and has astigmatism. Happy to discuss with you.


  4. I’m Canadian with a 3 year old in glasses. I took my 13 year old for her routine check up (she does not need glasses) and booked my 3 year old in as well just for a routine check up. I was stunned to learn he needed glasses.


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